HiLITE presents an array of exceptional residential spaces ranging from villas, flats and apartments with best common and in-house amenities for an unparalleled living experience in a world –class environment. We cater to both traditional and modern needs of the locals for a fine living. Our premium range of flats, villas and apartments are thoughtfully designed by highly skilled and experienced team of constructors and designer to give you more than just a mere living space. It is definitely of no surprise that Hi-Lite have been ranked as the most reputed builders in Calicut.


Residential Flats & Apartments In Calicut


Wondering about premium accommodation options in Calicut? Check out the vast range of residential flats and apartments in Calicut from one of the most reputed builders of the city, HiLITE Builders.


We introduced the citizens of Calicut to a whole new lifestyle with our premium flats in Kozhikode city and suburbs. Your home is your refuge – a place where you can relax, entertain loved ones, and bond with your family. So we at HiLITE decided to create dwellings that will let you do all this and more, in style.


Check out our ready to occupy apartments in Calicut; you will find that not only are our designs and construction of top-notch quality, our prices are surprisingly affordable as well.


A lot of thought and consideration has gone into the design of our apartments – both the interiors and exteriors – so as to provide you with maximum comfort, convenience and security. The common amenities and in-apartment facilities provided are second to none; in fact, whatever you expect from a world class living space, you can find it in our apartments.


We have married traditional needs of Indian families with their expectations of modern lifestyles to create living spaces that will leave you awestruck and mesmerized. Even the tiniest of details have been taken care of, to ensure that nothing comes between you and comfort. Most Kozhikode apartments are found in the city area, but we realized that not everyone has the taste for the daily hustle and bustle.


Therefore in addition to apartments in cities, we have built lofty high rises in pristine environs; and yet, the trappings of city life are still close at hand. Prepare to be transported to another world when you visit our luxury apartments in the city suburbs. The landscaped gardens, the tranquil surroundings, the spacious layouts are all certain to leave you spellbound.


Come, explore the elegance of contemporary living spaces from one of the best builders in Calicut city. We have a huge variety of 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments to appeal to individual preferences and budgets.


We don’t just build homes… we deliver dreams. Come and live your dream today.



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