5 Advantages of Business Parks

So you’re launching a new venture and are hunting for a suitable place to set up your office. Rather than hunt all over for an office, and then run around for everything from electricity to security, it makes much more sense to lease space in a business park. HiLITE Builders, one of the most reputed builders in Calicut presents the HiLITE Business Park – the answer to your office space woes!

10 Benefits of Shopping at Malls

Malls are the rage now. If you’re hesitant about shopping at one, here are some great reasons why you should go; this is also why you should look at property in Calicut for sale that has a mall close by!

Here’s why Calicut is the newest favorite destination for Startups

Calicut, or Kozhikode, situated in the hilly Malabar region of Northern Kerala, is the land of the legendary braveheart Kalari warriors, gutsy seafarers and generous-to-a-fault citizens; famed for its tile, coir and cashew industries; blessed by nature’s bounty – an abundance of water, lush greenery, breathtaking vistas and pleasant all-year climate. Today the city is known for its sumptuous biryani, banana chips, and halwa – and the ubiquitous ‘thattukadas’ that whip up lip-smacking delicacies in minutes, on the roadside.

How HiLITE changed the face of Retail Sector in Calicut

With the beginning of the HiLITE era in Calicut, one could say that Calicut is in for a facelift. Our innovative concept of ‘Live. Work. Play’ - with apartments, office spaces, shopping and entertainment all at a stone’s throw-away from each other; We, have revolutionized living in Calicut. HiLITE City is now truly the most sought-after destination here - whether it is for apartments in Calicut, shopping, or office space.

On a Mission to Make Big Dreams Come True – HiLITE Introduces First Mixed Use Developments in Kerala at Calicut

Whenever one mentions or hears the name Kerala, visions of lush greenery, rivers and lakes with coconut trees swaying in the wind on their banks, hills and mountains, and sandy beaches are what come to mind.