Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Apartment

Christmas is a festival celebrated all over the world by people from all faiths. Come next month, and we’ll see a frenzy of Christmas shopping. You can decorate your apartments in Calicut to give it a festive look, in spite of the space restriction.

Great Decor Idea for Kids’ Rooms

If you have recently purchased an apartment in Calicut and you have young children, you will be most probably looking for ideas to decorate your kids’ rooms in the best way. As one of the most well-known and experienced builders in Calicut, we have some tips for you to get you started: Kids’ rooms tend […]

What sets HiLite City Apartments Apart from other Projects

So you’re interested in Calicut real estate, but are unsure which project to invest in; the choice can seem tough, seeing as there are so many projects, both completed and in progress, with each builder claiming theirs as the best! So how will you make the decision? We’d like to tell you what sets our […]

Home Loans for Purchasing your Apartment: What you Should know

If you’re thinking of purchasing a flat in Calicut but don’t have the funds with you right now, you need to consider applying for a home loan. For those who are not very familiar with how it works, here we present the basics: Principal amount – this is the amount of the loan you want to apply […]

Rental or Outright Purchase, What Should you Do?

When it comes to homes, this is one question that plagues many people. It is certainly not an easy decision to make, what with the cost of flats for sale in Calicut so high these days. Here are some things to keep in mind: Here are some things to keep in mind: Regardless of how […]