Tips for Planning the Perfect Party in your Apartment

It’s the holiday season – which means organizing and attending parties! With so many people living in apartments in Calicut, many are perplexed as to how to pull off a great party; you want your party to be talked about and remembered, and yet you don’t want to mess up your home. Don’t fret! Here […]

Top Tips To Maximize Kitchen Space

Are you wondering how you will store all your kitchen equipment, groceries, utensils, cleaners and crockery in your Calicut apartment kitchen? I agree that with our kind of cooking, it’s a challenging task, but by no means impossible! A small kitchen should not deter you from whipping up your family’s favorite dishes.

The Best Pets To Have In An Apartment

If you’re an animal lover who has just bought an apartments in Calicut, you don’t need to despair thinking you won’t be able to have a pet in your flat. Many people keep pets in their apartments, and you can too.

Here’s How To Maintain A Fitness Routine In Your Apartment

Are you wondering how you will exercise and maintain a fitness routine if you move to an apartment in Calicut? You may be surprised to know that there are many ways to achieve your daily fitness goals without disturbing your neighbors or spending a whole lot of money!

Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Apartment

Christmas is a festival celebrated all over the world by people from all faiths. Come next month, and we’ll see a frenzy of Christmas shopping. You can decorate your apartments in Calicut to give it a festive look, in spite of the space restriction.